Dear reader,

In the blog of interview online, you will find conversations with interesting personalities from several decades.

Among them are artists, songwriters, authors, entrepreneurs, politicians, or simply people who were brave enough to provide deep insights into their biographies.

My interviews are mostly published in largely unedited form. – I only make textual changes when the interviewees deem it necessary. – In this respect, I am inspired by Andy Warhol, who developed this interview style in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. – Each conversation is like a rough diamond that, contrary to the rules of journalism, receives its polish through reading.

Since the interviews often last for several hours, sometimes even days, they are very extensive. In order not to exceed the scope of this blog, you will find excerpts from the conducted conversations here – you can download the full transcriptions as an e-book from epubli or order a printed copy. – Simply click on one of the images below.

I wish you unique reading experiences.

Heinz Michael Vilsmeier

Let yourself be inspired by conversations with interesting personalities.

Bodo Ramelow
Cynthia Nickschas
Man without Childhood – From Victim to Offender.
Photographic material from Peter Mühlen’s photo collection
Sissy Engl