Man Without Childhood – From Victim to Offender

„Man Without Childhood – From Victim to Offender“ is an interview with a pedophilic offender who spent two decades in forensic detention. The text provides insights from both the victim’s and offender’s perspectives into the commercially organized child abuse in Europe. In a parallel world to civil society, the trafficking of children, the production and distribution of child pornography, and the prostitution of children are a terrifying everyday reality in the midst of Germany. The report illustrates the functioning of organized child abuse and its interconnections with politics, justice, and other societal sectors. The organized abuse of children occurs in all societal spheres. The structures required for this are firmly in the hands of internationally operating organizations, which also find their customers in all societal areas, regardless of social class, educational level, nationality, religion, culture, or ideological orientation.

Social ostracism and state penalties result in the potential blackmail of offenders. The masterminds behind organized child abuse use this blackmail vulnerability to influence politics, government administration, justice, or the economy.

The conversations with the „key witness“ Bonobo took place in the visitors‘ room of a forensic institution. They had to be terminated when conflicts arose between the informant and the institution. The final encounter happened in a highly secured room with a partition that made it nearly impossible to continue the conversations. Nevertheless, the informant was transferred to another facility without further notice. The interview was conducted on thin ice, especially regarding the Mafia organization that continued to control the informant within the correctional facility and set red lines.

Read the full text of the interview as an e-book here.

Man without Childhood – From Victim to Offender.